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The haul

15 July 2009

Looking back at what I purchased at the Iowa Sheep and Wool Festival, it doesn’t seem like much. But a couple of my goodies were big ones.

The basket is hand made and is quite large (13.5″ tall x 18.5″ wide). I loved it immediately and had to have it. I love that it has multicolored bits running through it. The handles are lime green leather, which I also love. My plan is to put my spinning stuff in it. With the handles, I can take it along with me if I choose.

The other thing in the picture is a big bag of hair. I’m not really sure what I was thinking when I bought this one except that I really loved the color – deep charcoal with bleached tan tips.

My adventures in spinning have been short and frustrating, so I am well away from the point where I can process my own fleece. I’m thinking of sending this one back to the farm where it came from for processing. They have a mill and can turn it into something I can spin.

Let me tell ya, when I brought the bag of hair into the house, the cats were all over it. Cleo spent a good 15 minutes sniffing every square inch. Once they had scoped it out I was pretty sure they were just leaving it alone. Then I found a hole in the bottom of the bag with a clump of fiber pulled out. I had to find a hiding place for the bag that the cats couldn’t get to so that they’d leave it alone.

Anyway, the other things I bought were 8 oz of a spring-y green Coopworth…

and two skeins of sock yarn…

That’s 430 yds of wool/nylon, each, by Sandy’s Palette. It’s a singles yarn, so should be interesting to knit up. When I saw that these skeins were $12 each, I told Wendy to pick out a color and I’d make her a pair of socks. The lighter blue is for her and the darker is for me.

So that’s it. Not much, but that basket is a nice souvenir.